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President’s Letter to Distributors

As a distributor of funeral supplies you take pride in offering quality products to the funeral service professional. Cherokee Child Casket Company has prided itself on Integrity, Quality and Service since 1941 in providing outstanding infant, baby, child and youth caskets. Cherokee is always looking for dedicated distributors who are looking to offer a quality child casket.

We based our business on the founding principle of quality craftsmanship and good service. Because of this founding principle, we remain the leader in children’s caskets. A strong sense of service is a very high priority for us.

By doing one thing and doing it well, Cherokee has become an internationally known specialist in child caskets. Our philosophy is children deserve caskets as nice, if not nicer, than our adults. Each dedicated Cherokee employee strives for “Excellence without Exception” when handcrafting Cherokee’s precious caskets. As a distributor you can be proud to offer a Cherokee Child Casket to your funeral service professional you serve.