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Frequently Asked Questions

What material is used to create the shell for the wooden cloth covered caskets?
Shells are created from Ponderosa Pine.

Can a vault be purchased separately?
Yes, but we cannot guarantee our vault to fit any other manufacture’s casket.

Will the vault or wooden shipping crate be accepted at my local cemetery?
Requirements differ for each cemetery. Please check with your cemetery before confirming the order.

Does Cherokee Casket Company have caskets suitable for cremation?
Yes, all wooden cloth covered caskets are suitable for cremation. The hardware is easily removed with a screwdriver. Our style #300 Hardwood and style #80 Orthodox are also suitable for cremation.

Does Cherokee Casket Company have caskets suitable for Green Burial?
The Style 80 Orthodox, the Willow and Seagrass Casket are all suitable for green burial.

Will orders be processed and delivery arranged over weekends?
Our weekend business hours are Saturday 9 am to 1 pm eastern standard time (excluding holidays). Freight options are limited on weekends.

How fast can a casket be received?
During the week, at need orders that are in stock can be shipped the same day, if order is placed by 2pm EST. Smaller caskets can be shipped FedEx Priority in order for you to receive the next business day. Larger caskets will be sent into your nearest major airport via Delta Airlines.

How does a funeral director determine the correct size to order?
Funeral Directors please measure the length of the child yourself. Adding 5 to 6 inches to the length of the child will give you the length needed to allow for proper placement of the child in the casket.

What does 1/9 or 2/0 etc. represent?
1/9 = 1 foot and 9 inches (inside length of casket)
2/0 = 2 feet and 0 inches (inside length of casket)

Does Cherokee Casket Company sell to the public or to families directly?
Our Sales Policy:

We sell exclusively to licensed funeral homes, casket manufactures, and funeral supply companies.
We do not sell retail. We do not sell child products online.
Our product is available through your local funeral director.

Where is Cherokee Casket Company’s show room located?
At this time Cherokee Casket Company does not have a show room for families to visit since we do not sell to the public.

Where is Cherokee Casket Company’s manufacturing facility located?
Griffin, Georgia – Approximately 30 miles south of the Atlanta Airport.

Is the 20 gauge steel casket available in a non-gasket version?
No, Cherokee Casket Company only offers the 20 gauge steel casket with a gasket.

When ordering a casket and vault will the pieces be shipped separately?
The casket will be nested inside the vault and shipped as one unit in most cases. The Funeral Director will be notified if the shipment needs to be separated.

What is the date of Cherokee Casket Company most current price list?
Effective date  August 1, 2018.  Please contact our office at 1-800-535-8667 in order to request a price list.

What are shipping costs for these caskets?
Please contact the office at 1-800-535-8667 to receive a freight quote. Because of the variety of sizes and packaging options Cherokee Casket Company is unable to give a flat rate.

What is Cherokee Casket Company current catalog?
Volume 10